Simple, streaming music.

The convenience of YouTube.
The beauty of Chrome technology.

Streamus turns YouTube into the music player you always wanted. It's a Google Chrome extension that makes streaming YouTube refreshingly easy.

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Forget the bookmarks

Adding videos to Streamus makes bookmarking YouTube obsolete! Your video collections are accessible from any PC.

Discover new music

Streamus helps you explore YouTube. Turn on Stream Radio and find suggestions based on what you're listening to!

No need for tabs

Ever accidentally close a song you were listening to? Yeah, us too. Streamus runs behind the scenes so you can enjoy a seamless, tab-free experience.

Share everything

Your playlists and videos are made portable with a simple click. Share music in confidence with

Getting Started

Let's get you familiar with your new extension!

Streamus Icon Location

The Streamus icon is in the upper right.

You can drag the icon so that it is always visible or keep it collapsed in the menu. Click it to open the user interface!

Streamus Intro - Welcome

Welcome to your new content library.

Streamus starts pretty much empty. You've gotta add some songs to your playlist! Click the search icon to begin adding to your collection.

Streamus Intro - Searching

Searching for videos

Try typing in an artist or song name. You should see search results appear. You can use Ctrl+Click and Shift+Click to select more than one result at a time. Clicking the play button on a result will cause it to begin streaming instantly.

Streamus Intro - Adding Videos

Adding videos

Click-and-drag search results to your stream. Drop search results to add. Close out of the search window once you've added some music. You're now ready to rock out!

Streamus Intro - Playing

Playing videos

Click play to begin playing the first video in your stream. The videos will play in order, but feel free to re-arrange them. You can configure stream settings at the bottom -- shuffling, repeating and 'radio mode.' Radio mode will allow the stream to continue playing once it runs out of music.

Streamus Intro - Adding Playlists

Adding playlists

The playlist management pane can be expanded by clicking the button located in the upper-left corner. You can add, delete and rename playlists from here. When adding a playlist -- you may provide a YouTube channel or playlist URL as a source. In the future, you will be able to login to YouTube and access personal playlists as well as SoundCloud and other services.

Streamus Intro - Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

Streamus supports a bunch of keyboard shortcuts. Go to chrome://extensions and navigate to the bottom of the page to configure. You can open the Streamus interface, skip between videos, etc. Try setting a few of them up to make your music-listening experience even simpler.

Streamus Intro - Omnibox

Omnibox Integration

You can use the omnibox to immediately stream videos in Streamus. Just type 'streamus', tap your spacebar and you're off searching YouTube. Simple, huh? To change the omnibox keyword go to chrome://settings, select 'Manage search engines...' and scroll to the bottom.

Streamus Intro - Omnibox

Beatport Integration

Streamus interfaces with Beatport to provide you an easy way of listening to current Top 100 charts. Simply go to Beatport and view a genre's Top 100. You will see green play buttons appear on the page which will allow you to play full-length tracks through Streamus. :)

Hi! I'm Sean Anderson.

Pleasure to meet you.
Here's a bit of background on the project.

Programming should be fun and useful. Streamus is my manifestation of that belief. One day, while sitting around with friends, having a couple of beers, I said to myself, "I bookmark YouTube way too much!" Naturally, I took this thought way too far. The resulting chaos led to Streamus - my attempt at simplifying our YouTube streaming experiences.

I love music. Especially EDM. It seemed fitting to share Streamus with the world because, well, music is so much better when everyone gets to experience it... why should the software that makes it possible be any different?

Help me help you. Streamus isn't perfect and, without your help, it never will be. Reach out to me. I am friendly and interested in your ideas. How do you use YouTube?

I'll make Streamus. You buy me a beer at Electric Daisy Carnival 2015. Deal? ;)

Image of Sean Anderson


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